Experience one of the healthiest sports
on a whole new level

Rowing like it is on the water

Experience the difference and exercise on a whole new level. By means of the control of the integrated eddy current brake, an extremely realistic pull behavior is achieved. This can be felt from the first stroke and the ergometer is noticeably quieter than the competition. Improve your technique and maximize your training effect with a unique realistic rowing feel – like on the water.

Coach included

Technician training made easy with the AUGLETICS Eight rowing machine. By a continuous comparison of the executed rowing movement to the ideal movement, you get valuable feedback on your rowing technique, no matter if you are a rowing novice or professional. Optimize your rowing movement. With the AUGLETICS Virtual Coach, your individual training program is already on board.

High-quality and robust

AUGLETICS also sets new standards in quality. The steel-aluminum design is very valuable and withstand extreme loads. Unlike conventional ergometers, the Eight uses a maintenance-free pull strap, made of reinforced polyurethane – no wobbling, slipping or clipping even at the largest force. Focus on giving everything. The AUGLETICS Eight always guarantees a uniquely quiet, realistic sweep.

What olympic champions say about us

“The rowing feeling is truly unique. Just when I close my eyes, it feels like on the water. I can literally feel how I accelerate the boat stroke by stroke. In addition, it is much quieter than conventional rowing ergometers, a really pleasant training feeling.”
Julia Lierolympic champion 2016
“Rowing on the AUGLETICS Eight is just fun. The digital coach gives me a direct feedback on my rowing technique – and that at each workout, stroke by stroke! The days of the monotonous ergometer rowing are finally over.”
Lauritz Schoofolympic champion 2012 and 2016