A healthy movement from the first centimeters

… and pleasantly quiet

The AUGLETICS Eight Ergometer is braked with a specially developed, electronically controlled eddy current brake. Thus, the rowing motion feels not only more realistic, the ergometer is also significantly quieter than the competition. The resistance acts from the first millimeter. This eliminates unnecessary stress peaks and makes the movement much more gentle on your back.

What our customers say

We are enthusiastic about the AUGLETICS Eight and use it for our employees in the context of company health management as well as for therapeutic measures.

Andreas Hempel
Chairman Hempel GesundheitsPartner GmbH

A real innovation in the cardio world! The AUGLETICS Eight impresses with an innovative digital trainer, quiet operation and an elegant design.

Oliver Warblow
Club head Deen Fitness Club GmbH

We have tested the device and have now ordered. In all areas, from the beginner training on the masters rowing to competitive sports, it offers us as a club and the users significant advantages.

Kurt Naujoks
Vorsitzender Potsdamer Ruder Club – Germania

AUGLETICS Virtual Coach

An innovative ergometer. A great display.

And more.

The AUGLETICS Eight adapts exactly to the individual training objectives of your customers. For this purpose, the ergometer offers a multitude of settings, which can be conveniently set via the high resolution 10.1 inch touch screen. Here you and your athletes have a clear overview of all the data: speed, speed, power curve. And the multilingual, computer-based training system can do even more.

The perfect training program

Especially during training, simple and intuitive operation is essential. That is why we place great emphasis on excellent usability. Thus, e.g. Simply select one of the numerous training programs that start Warmup with a single click. The training programs have been developed in cooperation with successful coaches and olympic champions and go exactly to the needs of your customers.

Trainer an Bord

Through a continuous comparison of the executed rowing movement to the ideal movement, your athletes receive feedback regardless of their rowing experience. Concrete suggestions for improvement enable the learning and continuous improvement of the movement. Your customers will be enthusiastic and playfully improve their technique. The AUGLETICS Virtual Coach is an integral part of our hardware and software and helps you to train more efficiently and healthier.

Weitere Features

Just driving ergo is too boring for you? The AUGLETICS display combines training with entertainment. Trainingsmotivation, news, music videos and much more you can look at the Youtube integration. And an internet-enabled ergometer opens up a lot more possibilities: realistic simulated team rides, competitions, further entertainment offers and integration with other fitness apps are just some of the upcoming software updates. Your customers will love it.

Rowing exercise made in Germany

The AUGLETICS Eight is one of the most robust rudder ergometers in the world. Each device is made of high-quality materials directly in Germany. Housing and components made of brushed stainless steel and anodised aluminum guarantee the highest quality, durability and a timeless look. The construction and the calculations are the one, the practice the other. For this reason the device has been tested on a test bench for months, 24 hours a day, week after week. The ergometer rests safely on a shock-absorbing base, which not only protects the floor, but also prevents clutching – even with the greatest force application. The AUGLETICS Eight Ergometer comes in brushed metal or can be configured in a wide range of color variations and adapted to personal preferences or the style of the training environment.

You have the choice:
cardio or strength training

Ever since, rowing ergometers have been used for perennial training. With stages 1-10, this is also possible with the AUGLETICS Eight. If you increase the resistance, you enter the force mode.

Integrate the AUGLETICS Eight into your power center and train your power circle. From strength training (power levels 1 and 2) to maximum force training (power levels 4 and 5) everything is possible.

The alternative to classics such as treadmills, crosstrainer and bicycle ergometers.

cardio training

Improve your endurance on the AUGLETICS Eight with highly effective and articulated full body training. Rowing is a very balanced sport and very suitable for longer training sessions. The integrated Virtual Coach motivates you, gives direct feedback on your progress and ensures a varied workout. We recommend difficulty level 1-5 for longer endurance or cardio training (30-60 minutes). Thus the AUGLETICS Eight is ideally suited to build up a condition or to warm up for your strength training.

strength training

Hardly any sport claims more muscles than rowing. Up to 85% of your muscles are trained. Your back but also arm, leg and abdominal muscles are will be activiated, and after a few weeks of regular training, first successes will be visible. If you want to train even more intensively, you can adjust the pulling resistance directly over the display. For a powerful training, we recommend difficulty levels between 5 and 8. Or go to your limit with a High Intensity Training at level 9-10 in the shortest possible time.

coordination training

In addition to endurance and strength training, the complex rowing movement also trains coordination and body awareness. The integrated trainer supports both rowing beginners as well as experienced rowers in improving their rowing technique. This is fun, leads to a healthier movement, trains motor skills and self-awareness. The holistic and comprehensive training with the AUGLETICS Eight can contribute significantly to positive health and overall well-being after a short time. Your body will thank you.

developed with olympic champions

“The rowing feeling is truly unique. Just when I close my eyes, it feels like on the water. I can literally feel how I accelerate the boat stroke by stroke. In addition, it is much quieter than conventional rowing ergometers, a really pleasant training feeling.”
Julia Lierolympic champion 2016
“Rowing on the AUGLETICS Eight is just fun. The digital coach gives me a direct feedback on my rowing technique – and that at each workout, stroke by stroke! The days of the monotonous ergometer rowing are finally over.”
Lauritz Schoofolympic champion 2012 and 2016

Get your AUGLETICS Eight rowing ergometer and offer the athletes in your gym ideal training conditions.

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Hannes Jeltsch

sales manager

technical details

You want to know more precisely what is inside our rowing machine? Here you find the details of the AUGLETICS Eight with all technical details and specifications.


  • sizes: height: 73,5 cm (with screen: 107 cm; seat height: 39,5 cm); width: 55 cm; length: 212 cm
  • weight: ca. 45 kg
  • Maximum load: To the body weight of 200 kg
  • materials: Stainless steel, anodised aluminum for perfect optics on the drive box, extra-slip rubber mats for optimum ground adhesion
  • resistance control with an electronically controlled eddy current brake


  • 10.1 Zoll IPS-color display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels
  • quad-core prozessor with 1,3 GHz
  • WLAN, Bluetooth 4.0
  • The software of the AUGLETICS Coach runs on Android 5.1

power supply

  • Input: 24V DC, 3A
  • A suitable power supply (cable length 1.20 m) from Leicke is included
  • The power saving mode is activated automatically after 5 minutes to safe power. The power safing mode is automatically deactivated when you take a seat on the rowing rowing machine.